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Watch Along w/ Free Your Geek - Smackdown Pilot: 4/29/99

The Career of Stone Cold Steve Austin

a year ago

Special Edition: Watch Along - Smackdown Pilot: 04/29/99

This week Mike & JV celebrate our one year anniversary of our weekly chronological coverage of the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin. This week we will do a “Watch Along” with our friend from J-Free, from the Free Your Geek Podcast, as we watch and discuss the pilot episode of Smackdown from April 29, 1999.

Check out "Talking Taker” Alex & Travis are "digging up" the career of the Undertaker. You can now dig deepack into their archives and explore the 90's run of the Deadman. This week is Episode 110 - Wrestlemania 21- “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

Booking the Territory: The Unprofessional Wrestling Podcast - Mike Mills, along with his hilarious & informative team of Doc Turner & Hardbody Harper, break down episodes of NWA WCW Saturday Night from 85-88 and Smoky Mountain Wrestling from the start in 1992 and they are currently in 1995. This week on the NWA/WCW episode they covered the NWA WCW from 05/21/88. On the SMW Show they will be covering 02/25/95 Ep 161

Join the Booking the Territory Patreon Page at at the $5 to join JV & Mike on their new venture, Extreme ECW Live Cast. Mike & JV will be doing Watch Along Live Commentary coverage of ECW Hardcore TV, This past week on the ECW Extreme Live Cast, we covered ECW Hardcore TV Ep 15 & 16 from July 20 & July 27, 1993. Check it out!

Check out Free Your Geek, Episode 80: It’s Scary in Derry with Facts & Rumors is now available! In weeks to come we will be doing a special WWE Draft Episode with J-Free on Free Your Geek!.

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