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Stunning Steve: E2 - Aug & Sept '91

Special Series: Stunning Steve

8 months ago

Stunning Steve: E2 - August & September ‘91

On this episode of our new special series “Stunning Steve”, Mike & JV discuss and recap Stunning Steve Austin’s August & September of 1991.  Stunning Steve is having some issues with Johnny B. Badd. Austin continues to hold on to his TV Championship against the likes of Bobby Eaton, Tom Zenk, & Dustin Rhodes.  We will watch matches from Clash of the Champions  XVI “Fall Brawl", including the “Battle of Georgia - Battle Royal” & Stunning STeve vs. Tom Zenk. 

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This month’s episode covers Scooby Doo - Curse of the Speed Demon, Summerslam, Undertaker’s One Dead Man Show

Booking the Territory: The Unprofessional Wrestling Podcast - Mike Mills, along with his hilarious & informative team of Doc Turner & Hardbody Harper, break down episodes of NWA WCW Saturday Night from 85-91. This week is NWA WCW  - March 30, 1991

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