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E56 - Mr. McChampion: Aug-Sept '99

Episode 56 - The Career of Stone Cold Steve Austin

a year ago

Episode 56 - Mr. McChampion: Aug-Sept ‘99

This week Mike & JV will discuss the weeks following Summerslam in an Attitude Era Update. Mike & JV will also discuss Austin’s return to seek revenge on Triple H for injuring his knee at Summerslam. Austin gets arrested and gets a rematch for the WWF Championship on Raw from 9/13/99. On the 9/16/99 episode of Smackdown, Austin hunts for Triple H and intends to cost him the WWF Championship to of all people, Mr. McMahon!

Check out "Talking Taker” Alex & Travis are "digging up" the career of the Undertaker. You can now dig deep back into their archives and explore the 90's run of the Deadman.

This week is Episode 122 of Talking Taker. Alex and Travis will be discussing The Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride match from Armageddon ‘06. This feud may finally come to an end!

Booking the Territory: The Unprofessional Wrestling Podcast - Mike Mills, along with his hilarious & informative team of Doc Turner & Hardbody Harper, break down episodes of NWA WCW Saturday Night from 85-88 and Smoky Mountain Wrestling from the start in 1992 and they are currently in 1995.

This week on the NWA/WCW episode they covered the NWA WCW from 08/13/88. On the SMW Show they will be covering 05/20/95, Ep 173.

Join the Booking the Territory Patreon Page at at the $5 Tier to join JV & Mike on the “Extreme ECW Live Cast”. Mike & JV will be doing Watch Along Live Commentary coverage of ECW Hardcore TV. This past week on the ECW Extreme Live Cast, we watched ECW HCTV Ep 27, October 12, 1993

Check out Free Your Geek, check out their most recent episode, Episode 83: Stream a Little Stream of Me.

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